Rohn Strong                                                                     

                                                                  Fashion/Knitwear Designer  

To work in a professionally competent work environment that strives for originality and uses my skills and knowledge in knitwear and design to make a mark in the organization and fashion community.

I am a goal-oriented and highly talented Fashion and Knitwear Designer with a strong background in design, implementation/ product releases, garment production including swatching, sketching, and knitting garments. Five plus years experience in leading team members, product promotion and marketing. An Experienced team leader with the ability to initiate/manage cross-functional teams and multi-disciplinary projects and to deliver cost reduction using knowledge of product and fibers to maximize quality while minimizing cost.

          Manually Design and conceptualize products needed for online sales

·         Estimating needs and demands of the consumer

·         Predicting  looks and trends in the fashion community

·         Styling and merchandising product for photo shoots

·         Excellence Personal Communication skills

·         Project management skills: Influencing, leading, negotiating and delegating abilities

·         Conflict resolution

·         Adaptability and tolerant to stressed situations.

Other Skills:

·         Creative thinking

·         Strong Organizational skills

·         Effective listening skills

·         Decision making and negotiating skills

·         Swatch Development in hand knit/crochet

·         Design and illustration of flat sketches of silhouettes

·         Bead Layouts and fair isle, intarsia, and cable graphs

·         Styling and fittings

·         Concept Orchestration in trends, looks, color, and yarn


Professional Experience  

The Fyber Stud
2010 – present
Senior Designer
·         Develop Products for seasonal presentations

·         Cutting Edge and original Perspectives

·         Branding

·         Management of Time and Employees

·         Sketches and Designs


2010 -present
Head Consulting Design Director
          Consulting and Designing

·         Hat construction and assembly

·         High Yield Production Each Day

·         Head Blogger and Writer

·         Editor on Staff

·         A perspective of Beauty and Modesty


Rohn Strong Knitwear
Knitwear Designer/Label Owner
          Launched own Label and Design Firm

·         Exhibited at D.R.E.A.M. Fashion Show

·         Unique, Independent, and avant garde designs

·         Constantly Developing and Maintaining a Cohesive Contemporary Collection

·         Teach Classes in Knitting, Design, and Crochet

Designer In Residence

·         Artist and Designer in Residence

·         Organized and Wrote a Knitting and Design Curriculum for County Schools

·         Designed Sweaters for local charities

·         Organized a Nation-Wide World Water Day Yarn Bombing/Knit Graffiti Protest

Education / Certifications

          Northwestern Michigan College; Public Speaking and Communications

·         Certified Knitwear Designer

·         Master Knitting Course from The Knitting Guild of America (in progress)

·         Knitting Coach Certification